The shop relies on volunteering and donations from people like you! There's a million and one things to do in the shop and we'll find something for anyone who's willing to give their time. All donations are tax-deductible.

Donate Bikes/Parts

We are always in need of donations of any usable bikes, parts, accessories, artwork and anything else bike related! Donations can be brought to the shop whenever we’re open. If you have a large quantity of donations (10+ bikes) we may be able arrange a pick-up for you. Just call or email. Thanks!

Bike Donations

Volunteering Opportunities

There are countless ways you can help the shop. Whatever it is you do well, the shop can use your skills and expertise, whether it is repairing bikes, outreaching to your community or creating a project of your own.

Here's a few ongoing volunteer opportunities that we'd love your help with:

Get bikes prepped for sale and/or help others repair their bikes!

Outreach to all your networks and help bring in bike donations! These are great opportunities to connect with your community and help out the shop!

One of many mottos in the shop is "there is always something to do"...and it's true! Drop in and help us with those loose ends that tie it all together!

Help the shop at local events where we work to build a stronger bike community.

Have a connection to a local newspaper, blog or news-site? Help tell our story and spread the word about what's going on out here!

Become a charter member of a street team that builds relationships and posts flyers at local cafes, libraries, and other community centers near and dear to you!

With the dream of building a top notch volunteer program that gets and keeps people happily involved, we'd love to work with a small team of volunteer coordinators that can help shape all of our volunteers into an effective and beloved community!

Support Us Financially

Unrestricted donations have allowed the shop to move forward on those “extras” that sometimes don’t get prioritized in the day to day. For example, our work outfits were made possible by a generous donor, while another donor made possible a trip to Portland, OR for an advanced bike mechanics training!