Bike Repairs

Our team performs professional level bicycle repairs on any bike you bring in. Your bike will benefit from our dedicated bicycle repair people, several of whom have been repairing bikes professionally for years.

All of our items were generously donated by people like you.


Bike Repairs


Get all the repairs your bike needs, from a simple brake adjustment to a complete overhaul. All of our repair work is protected by a thorough repair warranty that you’ll love. Our lead mechanic/trainer has been repairing bikes professionally for over 20 years, so you can count on us to get the job done right! Call, email, or drop by and we'll get your bike back on the road in no time.

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Parts & Accessories

We offer an excellent selection of biking accessories including lights, locks, bells, helmets and more. We also have many crates full of donated used bike parts waiting to be dug out and put back into action. Need your parts installed? Our team can take care of it for you!


All of the Refurbished and New bikes in our showroom come with:

30/12 Warranty: For 30 days, for no charge, we will fix and/or replace anything your bike needs (except flat tubes). We also provide 12 months of free adjustments (any tune up level work except wheel truing) to your bike for no charge!


We offer a 10% discount on parts and labor to current members of the following organizations (proof of membership/eligibility is required):

  • Alameda Velo
  • Bike East Bay
  • Bike Walk Alameda
  • Bladium
  • Grizzly Peak Cyclists
  • Oakland Yellowjackets
  • Team Alameda
  • Touchstone Climbing Gym
  • Food Bank Members
  • Public Education Staff
  • Youth (under 18 years old)
  • EBT Members


Unrestricted donations have allowed the shop to move forward on those “extras” that sometimes don’t get prioritized in the day to day.